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We're Married!!!


So, I legally married my best friend! And it was easily one of the happiest days of my life. We had decided early on that we wanted to have our civil wedding in my hometown, ahead of our big church one next year. It was always going to be a super intimate ceremony, with just our families in attendance. And we couldn't be happier with how the day went.

I woke up that morning feeling so excited to put on my dress and celebrate this incredibly special milestone in our relationship. All my anxieties that had been building the week prior melted away as soon as we got in the car and drove downtown. We were greeted + congratulated by so many people who were by the waterfront, outside the admin building, inside the admin building, and we couldn't help but have a smile on our faces the entire time.

Everyone we interacted with at San Diego County Administration building were by far the nicest people, and we felt so lucky to have had such a pleasant experience. I was genuinely impressed with the efficiency and kindness we experienced that I raved about it the whole weekend to anyone & everyone who asked.

I will always remember this day and these were just some of the intentional ways we made our civil wedding day that much more special:

  • Making my own bouquet and M's boutonnière

  • Exchanging personal vows + wedding bands during the ceremony

  • Having my Lolo and Amma sign as our witnesses on our marriage certificate

  • Dressing up (any excuse we can get to do this, we'll take it)

  • Hiring a photographer to capture the entire thing - shoutout to Evelyn Molina


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