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Travel Diaries - A Weekend in Paris

A girl in front of the Mona Lisa painting

Mona Lisa in the Musée du Louvre

Victory statue in Louvre

A person standing in front of a large painting

Window with French flags

A girl in front of the Louvre pyramid

A girl in front of Eiffel Tower and Seine River

The Eiffel Tower at night

A table of food

Wine bottles

Eiffel Tower behind buildings and fog

A croissant

Notre Dame Cathedral

Eiffel Tower

A couple selfie

Starter course at French bistrot

First course at French bistrot

Photobooth in Paris

A girl in front of Paris skyline view

Sacre Cœur

Mirror selfie of a couple

Paris rooftops with Eiffel Tower in background

French bulldog on cobblestone street

A dog park in Paris


To kick off the month of love, Mario and I hopped on the Eurostar to Paris for a three-day weekend in the City of Lights. This trip marks my 6th time to the French capital, and I was so happy to be my husband's tour guide for his first visit to Paris.

We hit all the major tourist spots, tried the quintessential French foods, and walked so many steps that did our bodies wonders. Note to self: I've got to up my step count as we get closer to the wedding ;)

Here are some of my top recommendations for a weekend in Paris:

  • Book an early slot for the Louvre and head straight to see the Mona Lisa - we walked right to the front of the barriers and got the necessary selfies!

  • You genuinely cannot go wrong with French baked goods. Make it a mission to take something yummy from every boulangerie you pass by!

  • Spend a morning in Montmartre to see the Sacre-Cœur, have your portrait done by a local artist, and walk around the streets for souvenirs. It is a bit touristy, but oh so charming and my favorite Parisian neighborhood.

  • Go for the set menu, aka le menu or formule, at restaurants. Most of the time it will consist of either a 2-course or 3-course meal, and if you're anything like us, you want to eat good. And by ordering the combo deal, we got to try the chef's signature dishes and save some money in the process. It's typically a lower priced option - we love to see it.

  • Wear comfortable shoes. Self-explanatory with all the walking you are bound to do. I wore my heeled boots for an evening and my feet were destroyed. I did it for our couple's photoshoot though and it was completely worth it. I stuck to my white sneakers for the rest of the time, so we could enjoy our leisurely strolls.

Merci Paris!!


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