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The Trench Coat


You know that it is officially spring once the trench coats come out.

As I've gotten older, my style has become more and more minimalistic. The idea is to build a capsule wardrobe filled with my beloved neutrals and pieces I'm planning to keep for a long time. I'm not opposed to some trendy pieces here and there, but I'm more conscious about investing in staple items. And since returning to London, I knew I wanted to get my hands on a trench coat. The thing with me, however, is that I'm super picky. But I found this one by MANGO, and it checked all my boxes.

I paired mine with a black top and my pair of black trousers - which I practically live in these days. I've been loving UNIQLO and it's slowly but surely taking over my closet. I rounded off with my new go-to smarter-looking white sneakers.

Trench Coat - MANGO

Black cropped turtleneck - Pull & Bear

Black Trousers - UNIQLO

White leather sneakers - MANGO

I get a kick now every time I step out in my trench coat because I'll come across at least 10 women in theirs. Trench coats were made for the city!


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