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Puglia Wedding Venues

Around this time last year, my husband and I toured venues in Puglia for our big Italian wedding. With a little over three months until the big day, I thought it would be fun to share a bit about my Puglia wedding venue tour experience! We've obviously already selected our venue and are pretty much all set with everything, so this blogpost serves more as a recap and hopefully inspiration for those who are considering venues in the Italian region of Puglia.

With all that being said, let's dive right in! Andiamo!

Fiat car in front of stone wall

Planning a Destination Wedding in Puglia

I think planning a destination wedding in general can be quite a daunting task. However, when properly prepared, it should be an extremely smooth experience. I am fortunate that our destination is, in fact, the home of my husband and all his family. So, one could argue that we have a bit of advantage there when it comes to knowing people + places (the real game changer when dealing with Italians - speaking from experience haha!) But do not let that deter you from considering a wedding abroad!

What I have noticed throughout the entire wedding planning process is that there are so many advantages to a destination wedding. Not only is it an excuse to get married in a beautiful destination, but it can be all done affordably depending on venue, guest count, and certain "extras" (i.e. accommodation, additional events, etc.) Overall, I've found the prices to be extremely reasonable and at incredible value considering the region and time of year. Of course, this is all relative and I am speaking from the perspective of an American who is on WeddingTok (the wedding side of TikTok)!

As I mentioned earlier, my in-laws live in Puglia so I felt comfortable to entrust the venue hunt + initial conversations with them; though, there are many ways this could be done without being from the region. From my research, I know that there are a handful of wedding planners who are available for couples interested in a destination wedding. I recommend to always do your own research first to see if there is a good fit for your needs + budget. Serena of Wed in Salento and Laura at Exclusive Italy Weddings are two contacts that I would consider if I was starting from scratch!

Choosing a Puglia Wedding Venue

Last spring, my husband and I visited five different wedding venues in Puglia. Since he is from the area, it was very important to us that we stuck close to his hometown of Brindisi. We will be having a church ceremony there, so we wanted our reception venue to be within a reasonable distance.

I will preface this section by mentioning that there are several types of venues to consider within Puglia region. There are villas, which are akin to mansions with a private courtyard, are free-standing, and typically seen throughout all of Italy. Whereas in Puglia, a masseria is common to see and unique to the region. These are more like farmhouses and to me scream an Apulian wedding. Bonus if the masseria has a trullo on site! And of course, we can't forget the castello, which we all know to be the most grand of a wedding location. Depending on your aesthetic, you can find whatever you're looking for!

Masseria Montalbano

wall with wisteria vines
empty courtyard

Location: Ostuni (BR)

An exclusive venue surrounded by olive trees (local to Puglia region!!), Masseria Montalbano is a gorgeous property for couples who might prefer to host all wedding events at one location. With 28 rooms on-site, you can comfortably fit your wedding party and guests if you're keeping it super intimate! It is also located within Ostuni, which is an ideal place to stay when visiting Puglia. I'm also biased as it's my favorite part of Puglia.

The masseria has a large pool area, which is recommended for guest cocktail hour, but I could picture it also doubling as the perfect Welcome Party spot. There is even a church onsite, however we were told the venue can only hold civil ceremonies.

We were visiting in early Spring so the trees were bare and flowers had yet to bloom, but I have seen photos of the venue during peak wedding season and it is stunning. They also hang up string lights in the courtyard, which is a must for any outdoor evening wedding in my opinion.

Key highlights:

  • Pool, gardens, stunning courtyard

  • Plan A/Plan B in case of the weather

  • Onsite accommodation (perfect for an intimate destination wedding)

Masseria Don Luigi

empty courtyard in front of reception building
Lounge area in front of fireplace
A grass area with olive trees

Location: Fasano (BR)

Masseria Don Luigi is another gorgeous masseria and one with what I have to say holds a very strong social media presence. We decided to visit as my sister-in-law follows their Instagram account and it's truly incredible to see how couples have utilized the space.

As we will be having a late summer wedding, it is important that the venue has a Plan A/Plan B since there is always a chance of rainy weather. We were pleased to see that both indoor and outdoor options would still have an amazing effect on guests and feel equally magical.

Key highlights:

  • Massive indoor and outdoor space with olive trees everywhere

  • Gorgeous pool for post-wedding celebrations

  • Onsite hotel

Casa Resta

Mirror on top of dresser
colorful floor tiles

Location: Francavilla Fontana (BR)

Casa Resta was the only villa we visited on our venue tour, but it is a worthy contender for those perhaps having a church ceremony and are in search of a reception venue. There is an outdoor space in the grass, a covered area under a pergola, and an indoor dining hall; which allows the bride + groom several options when considering the venue.

Unfortunately, there is not onsite accommodation for guests, but the bridal party would be able to get ready as there is an entire upstairs area reserved for such use. There is even a balcony looking onto the courtyard, which serves as the perfect spot for a bouquet toss.

Key highlights:

  • Venue only

  • Multiple areas onsite to choose from

  • Beautiful archways leading to dining spaces

Castello Monaci

exterior of castle
formal sitting room with chandelier and portraits on wall
Courtyard with staircase and palm trees

Location: San Pancrazio Salentino (BR)

There aren't enough words to describe Castello Monaci, but I am happy to try! When my father-in-law suggested we visit a castle, my immediate reaction was "a castle in south Italy?" and knew it would be a spectacle.

Castello Monaci is a six century old castle with ivy-covered towers, palm trees, and lush green gardens. It is located in the heart of Salento and is quite unique for the region as an oasis in the Apulian countryside. With an entire estate to explore, including a winery, hotel and spa, any guest would be amazed by its beauty.

Key highlights:

  • Indoor & outdoor locations

  • Breathtaking architecture and decor

  • Onsite accommodation, spa and winery

Masseria La Macina

entrance to apulian farmhouse
Apulian farmhouse decor
A white building with outdoor courtyard
interior of apulian farmhouse

Location: Fasano (BR)

The fifth and final venue we visited was Masseria La Macina. To me, this is exactly what I picture when I imagine a wedding in Puglia. A completely white-washed farmhouse building, it has this rustic charm that can only be found in Puglia. There is an incredible indoor area should a couple prefer that route, but the string lights in the outdoor courtyard is a sight to behold. I can easily see a summer evening under the stars there and it made me so excited for wedding season to begin.

Key highlights:

  • Typical architecture and decor of Puglia

  • Olive trees galore

  • Indoor and outdoor spaces

  • Onsite accommodation

Our Venue Search Experience

We had so much fun visiting all these venues and genuinely enjoyed imagining our special day at each. I kept an open mind during the whole process, but had one image in my head the entire time. What I kept going back to was whether or not I could see myself and my husband 5/10/20 years still relishing on our wedding day and the place where we chose to celebrate. I can imagine us sharing photos and telling stories to our future children and grandchildren, which makes me so emotional but I love it all the same. At the end of the week, we had narrowed it down to two; however, with that context in mind, there was a clear winner.

Comment below what your favorite venue in Puglia is and if you're in the market for an Apulian wedding venue, happy scouting!

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