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A New Chapter


Introducing... Jasmin in London: Season 2.

That's right, I have made my way back to the UK! And the hope is that within the next couple of months, I'll be working in the city of my dreams. If you've been following, you know that London holds a very special place in my heart. It's the first international soil I stepped on. It's where I lived and studied for a year of grad school. It's the city that brought me to the love of my life. And it's the city that I'll always come back to.

Just three years ago, I was settling into my London flat and into my International Marketing grad program. Little did I know that I was embarking on a journey which would become one of the best years of my life. And by doing so, I laid down the foundation that would lead to this exact moment, three years later.

The story of how Mario and I came to be is worth its own blogpost (or two or maybe even a Netflix movie) but the truth of the matter is, I would not here if it wasn't for love. We've been doing the long-distance thing for only a year, but we both were eager to end that so we could begin this new chapter of us. A big life change and huge moment in our love story, and I wouldn't change it for a thing.

Some context to the photos I included here. These were taken during my first week back in London. Queen Elizabeth II passed away the day before I flew out to the UK, so the country + world was in mourning for the beloved monarch. We walked to Buckingham Palace to see thousands of bouquets, letters, and gifts for the late queen - all displayed in an awe-inspiring fashion. This is what our children and grandchildren will read about in history books; and we can say we lived and experienced it ourselves.

So, I've come back to London to start this new life chapter with my boyfriend, but to also embrace this "second chance" to do what I intended to before COVID did its thing and put a halt to my post-grad London plans. But suffice to say, the universe knew exactly what it was doing because the past couple of years prepared me for what I'm setting out to do now. And for that, I'm eternally grateful.


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