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London Memories - Piano Works


Whenever I look at these pics from the Piano Works photo booth, I'm filled with so much joy and happiness.

Honestly, my heart feels so full every time I think about the memories we had at this place. How a freakin' piano bar just a hop, skip and a jump away from school (but more importantly, my flat) was easily the most LIT place you can be in Holborn, and dare I say, in all of London - especially when the MIM's are there.

I remember closing out the place every time we were there. I remember everyone drinking maybe a little too much, but the vibes were always immaculate and top notch. I remember thinking I could just break down and cry because the atmosphere was too good. I remember being there with all my London fam and never wanting those nights to end. And I remember us talking about the next time we'd be there together.

The first time I heard about Piano Works was from a Hult Alumni at the first Hult Open House of the school year. His name was Alex and he said that it's a MUST for Hult students. It was probably a couple of months later that I finally got to check it out and I just can't wait for the day I get to be back there again with everyone!


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