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La Degustazione - Wedding Diaries


I've heard that how you spend the first day of the new year sets you up for how your entire year will be, so it seems very fitting that we took our first trip (of many) to Puglia. We spent a week there to see family and friends, as well as do some wedding housekeeping. Yes, it's officially our wedding year... eep!

In my effort to enjoy the process and to document the wedding planning journey, I'm writing this blogpost to talk about our menu tasting and share just a little bit about our reception venue. Safe to say I'm OBSESSED with it, but I plan to share much more about it after the wedding!

Mario and I did not know what to expect going into this event, but we were incredibly excited to try everything. From tasting the wine to all the food to meeting potential vendors, it was all so well executed that it reassured me about our wedding this summer. I think there is a lot to consider when planning a destination wedding, not to mention in a language other than my own. Yet I feel quite at ease at the moment. Of course, this could be attested to the fact that my husband is amazing at handling the communications and that my in-laws LIVE in the destination. But I relish in fact that our venue really knows what they're doing.

Going into the degustazione, I told Mario that we had to eat and drink everything in the name of our guests. After all, we can't have our guests partake in anything we wouldn't approve of... It just wouldn't be right. But jokes aside, I am eagerly awaiting for everyone to celebrate a beautiful, special evening with us.

We had so much fun eating and walking around the venue grounds that I could really picture the actual day. We left feeling incredibly full, happy, and again just so excited for September. I want to say it can't come here quick enough, but I'm perfectly content with taking it day-by-day and embracing the process.

Many more exciting things and important decisions to come!


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