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Festive London


The most wonderful time of the year.

I love the holiday season. I love it so much that this year, I put our Christmas tree up the first week of November. I still remember the delivery guy who delivered our tree telling me 'It's only November!' Yes sir, I know. In my defense, I was going back home to the US for the entire month of December. So, I had to take full advantage of the time I had in the city. Which meant dragging Mario to see all the Christmas lights and markets :) love you babe.

I have to say that my favorite Christmas light display this season were the Crown Jewels on Bond Street. I loved the tiaras! They reminded me of my tattoo that I have behind my ear of a crown - which I got after graduation with two of my friends.

Some other honorable mentions of this year's festive favorites are the Carnaby Street lights, the Christmas market bratwursts (A MUST), and the Covent Garden tree. Fun fact, Mario and I had a very first kiss in the Covent Garden courtyard.

I'm so happy to have caught the first bits of London Christmas before cold, dreary winter continues into the new year. Winter in London doesn't quite hit the same when the Regents Street angels aren't flying above you.


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