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Eat. Drink. Siciliano. | Barbusa


What would a visit to San Diego for my long-distance Italian boyfriend be without a cute date night in Little Italy? Incomplete that's what. So I had to make sure we made it out there, and to the restaurant that is always packed... Barbusa.

We ordered a calamari (a must at every Italian restaurant) for the table, then split both the Lobster Ravioli and the Bone Marrow Cavatelli. The food was incredible, but it was definitely the buzzing atmosphere that had us speechless. Mostly because it was so loud inside the restaurant.

I wouldn't recommend sitting inside if it's your very first date night, but if you've been together for a minute, it's not uncommon to be communicating solely with looks across the table. Barbusa seemed to agree because they reposted Mario on their Instagram with the perfect caption. He's a star, and he's all mine.

Didn't actually end the evening with gelato since it was really cold and we had more red wine + a fire pit waiting for us at home. However, I still threw in this pic of Bobboi gelato because it's the perfect way to end a Little Italy date night.



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