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Nochella be looking extra different this year, so what better way to celebrate than with a throwback to last year's Coachella. Let's pour one out for the event of the year, shall we?

It's kind of a bummer that music festivals were one of the first to be postponed, then cancelled, due to COVID. But when you think about it, these kind of events are breeding grounds for the virus. And I don't know about you guys, but I wouldn't want to go to any music event (let alone festival) if it meant being six feet apart the whole time. It just wouldn't be the same. And granted, it might never be the same again!

Last year's Coachella was definitely one for the books though. The first time I did Coachella, we car camped. I'm stoked to say I did it and had that experience because how we did it this time around, it's safe to say I'll never car camp again.

There's honestly something about being with friends, listening to live music, and just being in absolute bliss. While festival weekends are crazy, you end up having those "pinch me" moments the entire time. For me, that definitely happened during Ariana Grande's set, which closed out the festival. Still can't believe *NSYNC came out. There was also BLACKPINK's set that Sammi and I separated from the larger group for on the first night. It was a proud moment to be a Blink.

I'll forever look at these photos and be rushed with so many memories. And I'll eternally be grateful to Pura Vida for giving me some of the best moments with so many damn superstars.


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