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An Evening Under the Stars


An evening under the stars - a photo diary.

When I got the invite to this casual (and I use that term very lightly here) get together by my former coworker Cassie, I knew that we were in store for a night we wouldn't forget. It was quite literally a Pura Vida reunion - a gathering of past and present. It was SO much fun and I'm still on a high from being in that powerful atmosphere.

Most of the evening was spent outdoors and Cassie even had this incredible tablescape ready for us, along with print outs of our big threes. For those of you new here, that's your Sun/Moon/Rising signs. My Sun and Moon sign is Virgo, and my Rising is Scorpio. And let me tell you, that explains A LOT about me.

I've always loved reading about star signs and talking about the universe, but it really wasn't until PV that I got really into it. Totally succumbing to the SoCal girl stereotype of needing to know a boy's birth chart to analyze compatibility - sorry not sorry to my future love interests. But how can you not believe in magic and be thankful for those stars when it gives you nights like these with some pretty remarkable women?


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