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A Love Letter to London


To the city that I'll always come back to.

It is without a doubt that you're my absolute favorite. I was the little American girl who grew up on Spice World and Harry Potter - two of your greatest exports if I may say so myself. Then, I learned about the Royal Family. As a Disney kid, it blew my mind how there were real-life princes and princesses. Soon enough, I began to understand the concept of accents and just how regal the Queen's English is against American. Why we separated from you, I'll never fully get it (which is sarcasm btw. I saw Hamilton, lol).

Albeit I have not yet travelled to many of the other great cities of the world, but there's just something about London.

Before I had the chance to live in London, I visited on 3 separate occasions. The first time was at 14 on a backpacking trip with my Europe-loving aunt and uncle. The second was with my family after I spent a semester abroad in Toulouse, France. And then the third time was a quick weekend before a work trip to Barcelona. Each time was so special, and I can still remember how much it already felt like I belonged there. Even in that a short period.

But there was still a HUGE part, if not my entire being, that needed more. I mentioned that I studied abroad, which I did during undergrad. See, all throughout high school I knew I wanted to do a bout in Europe, but I always imagined the experience to be in the UK. For that I blame every teen film where they get sent to an English boarding school. It obviously didn't happen for me in college, but I made a promise to myself that if I go back for a Masters, it has to be done in London. Fast forward a few years, I'm looking at my next move in my career and the rest is history. Also knew that I'd go back to school eventually - I'm one of those people who actually like it and is "good" at it.

It will never be lost on me that I was incredibly fortunate to even have the opportunity. It was something I always wanted for myself and when I set my mind on something, I don't stop until I make it happen.

So yeah, that's a lesson in manifestation for you. Which I'm a firm believer in, by the way. I think the universe is on your side, but you have to meet it halfway and put in the work. It's helped me get this far and it's helping me get to where I'm headed next.

But, back to London. To me, London is:

  • Discovering something new around every corner

  • Walking to the next tube stop and then the next one after that even though your feet are about to fall off and continuing until you find yourself at your destination

  • The perfect marriage of old and new traditions

  • Walking out of class at 4pm and heading straight to the pub with your mates

  • Neighborhoods with different vibes yet they all still feel like London

  • Overhearing a bunch of different accents and getting excited when it's actually an English one

  • The city I don't think I'll ever get enough of

  • My second home

Thank you for one of my favorite life chapters. I freakin' love you.


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