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A Florentine Dream - Firenze, Italy


Un vero e proprio sogno.

To celebrate Mario's 29th birthday and kick off (adult) Spring Break, we found ourselves in the beautiful city of Firenze. Known to be the epicenter of the Italian Renaissance, you can't go more than 3 feet anywhere without seeing art, architecture, or history. We were completely overwhelmed by beauty our whole trip and were just so thrilled to be experiencing Florence together.

We've both separately been to Florence before - myself only once when I was 14, and unfortunately I was super sick during that trip. Actually, funny enough, I had a cold this trip as well. However, I was not going to let that stop me from celebrating the love of my life in his favorite city. Many times throughout our stay, Mario would turn to me and say "We should live here." And honestly, I felt so inspired walking around those streets that I could totally imagine us there if we ever found ourselves moving to Italy one day. But for now, we'll happily visit and daydream of a Florentine life.

We had so much fun and managed to pack a bunch into the 72 hours we were there. We saw all the sights, ate all the foods (the schiacciata from All'Antico Vinaio, Florentine steak, PASTA, and Chianina burgers were all to die for), and even snuck in a cheeky couples photoshoot. I also had a great time going to the bar for our daily fix of caffé e cappuccini. Only when I started dating Mario is when I learned how serious Italians are about coffee. Let's just say that I will never get in the middle of my fiancé and his Moka pot.

A couple of highlights from this trip that I want to mention here.

  • Staying literally a stone's throw away from the Duomo in the cutest bed and breakfast. It was an absolute deal and we were so lucky to have booked there.

  • On our walk back from dinner at Golden View our first night, we crossed the Ponte Vecchio and it felt like we were in a movie. We stopped at the half-way point and found ourselves swaying to the music of an acoustic guitar, under the stars in the night sky.

  • Waking up early to find one of the Fotoautomatica booths. Taking these are one of my favorite traditions as a couple and I'll cherish this photo strip forever.

  • Not making dinner reservations for our last night to be spontaneous and stumbling across the gem of a restaurant called Brandolino. They played Andrea Bocelli and served my creme brulée still flaming. Absolutely amazing.

Grazie Firenze for an incredible and magical visit.


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