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A Day in LA


2020 has been...eventful, to say the least. So it's pretty telling that a day trip to LA was just what I needed to feel alive again.

The pandemic has put a halt to a lot of our travel plans, and rightfully so. And sure we could sit here and say that if we had locked down sooner or were more strict, it'd be a different story. But the fact of the matter is that we are still in this situation and international travel is not really an option right now. Domestic travel too really. But personally, I am not too comfortable with the idea of air travel just yet. And so, that really just leaves road trips so my sister and I settled on a cheeky day trip to the City of Angels.

I actually don't mind LA. As far as cities go, it's so different in that you actually need a car to get places and do things. But there's still something so special about visiting sites and locations that you've seen in shows and films. I don't know, this is why I'm forever a city girl (even though small towns have a special place in my heart).

We managed to cram in WeHo, the Walk of Fame, the Grove, Beverly Hills and a thrift store before heading back to San Diego. Our first stop was to Carrera Cafe for some insta-worthy lattes. I opted for a simple "Treat People With Kindness" which honestly set the tone for the day. Because after coffee, we ventured to the Hollywood Ave to find the "Harry Styles signs." And I am pretty sure I manifested the TPWK music video because I KID YOU NOT Harry literally dropped it (and those iconic dance moves) the next day - aka today.

We spent more money than we anticipated, but honestly, it was all so worth it. I have no other way to explain it except that this little day trip made me feel full and alive again. After months of just being online and looking at screens and doing the same things, it was nice to break out of that routine. We blasted some classic One Direction and 5SOS - with a bit of the Jonas LA soundtrack - as we drove around in the sunshine. It reminded me so much of the old days when my sister and I would be willing to sit in hours of traffic just to go to a concert. I can still feel that high.

Who knew a day in LA could do all that.


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