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Still feeling all the birthday feels that come with turning a year older. As I've now officially entered my late-20's (yes I consider 27 to be mid-20's), I'm anticipating there to be huge life changes in the coming year. So I'm going to cherish each and every moment along the way.

I think what really gets me emotional on birthdays is reflecting on past birthdays. Because if there's one thing I know for certain, it's that celebrations are going to look different in the years to follow. Not necessarily in the sense of what or how you celebrate, but more like who you're going to celebrate with and where you'll be mentally + emotionally. Life is crazy in this sense. Like this year I was celebrating with my beautiful family and friends here in San Diego, but I know that next year I want to be with my boyfriend. And for all birthdays moving forward.

27 was such an incredible year for me. I moved into a gorgeous Del Mar apartment with my friend Stacey, settled into my role at Sun Bum, and even reunited with my grad school friends in London for our postponed graduation. 27 even brought me one of the greatest gifts of all - a real, true love that took me by surprise. If all this can happen in one year, I can't wait to see what 28 will bring. I'm feeling so lucky and blessed.


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