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What crazy times we are living in.

Today marks Day 8 of Boris Johnson's lockdown, and I've decided to stay put in London when so many of my classmates have elected to go back to their respective countries. Honestly, it's sad to think that our time together has been cut short because of the COVID-19 pandemic, and my heart goes out to every single person who has been affected by it. I know that families have lost loved ones, people have been laid off or furloughed, and other hardships that shouldn't be discounted.

However, I'm determined to see the beauty of this situation. Which is what this blogpost is dedicated to.

I've been trying to wrap my head around what the lesson to all of this is. I honestly believe it's the universe telling us that it is perfectly okay to slow down and rest. And maybe this is nature's way of fighting back because she needs her rest too. Let's hope everyone learns their lesson.

I can only imagine how places like Hawaii are doing during a time like this. How clean her waters and beaches are now that they aren't littered with destructive tourists. How the floral and fauna are probably thriving. Like how beautiful is that thought.

You know what else is beautiful to think about? The fact that so many people are "locked down" with their loved ones (understanding that there are also people who aren't). How young families get all this quality time together who might otherwise be at work and away from them. And then I also think about all the lovers out there who get to spend this time together as well - learning TikTok dances and falling even more in love. Like that is some precious stuff. It makes me really happy and makes this scary and uncertain time not as scary.

I have found myself really catering to my introvert side during this time and I honestly love it. I've always had a hard time justifying my introversion - to both myself and my extroverted colleagues. I just enjoy my own company and value alone time so much! What is so hard to understand about that?? And yes, I can be introverted and social. Clearly. I can literally go on rants about introversion and how introverts have always been misunderstood. It is something I'm pretty passionate about now that I have a stronger understanding of myself. And I really hope that this period helps everyone else better understand us too.

Some of the things I've been super grateful for this past week:

- FaceTime calls with loved ones

- Netflix parties

- makeshift forts in the corner of my room

- slow mornings

- long runs

- journaling

We have no idea how long this lockdown/pandemic will last, but I hope that we can all make the most of this time and try to enjoy it! Everything is going to be alright.

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