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Small Town Charm - Bruges, Belgium


I have always wanted to visit Belgium - the chocolate, the fries, the WAFFLES?! It sounded like a dream come true, and visiting during the Christmas season? An absolute dream come true.

My sister and I arrived via train from Paris, with a transfer in Brussels. Honestly, train travel is so much fun and I actually prefer it to flying and driving. There's something so romantic and European about it. I don't know, I just love it.

Paris and Bruges were actually the perfect combination for me and my sister. After walking literally across the city of Paris for 3 days, it was the perfect treat for our sore bodies/feet and Christmas-loving selves.

I really enjoyed walking around the town and seeing all the lights. There are two main Christmas markets in Bruges, and you know we spent most of our time hanging out in there. We could have definitely shortened our stay, but it was really special to take our time and explore the hidden alleys along the canals.

Belgium, I will be back for you!!

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