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Travel Diaries - Springtime in NYC


I went 25 years without visiting NYC and somehow ended up traveling there twice within a 7 month period. Not complaining, we just appreciate the irony. And the City that Never Sleeps!

So I got to see the city in the fall back in September 2018, then again in the spring of 2019. Honestly, those are two of the best seasons to travel but I'm a firm believer that NYC is worth a visit EVERY season. I definitely want to go back during the holidays because there's nothing like New York City at Christmastime - or so I've heard.

This was the trip that my sister and I got our tattoos! And it was also my mom's first time in the city. I'm so lucky to get to travel with my family.

I can't wait for this pandemic to be over so I can stop looking at old photos of my travels and get on with new ones!


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