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La Città Bianca - Ostuni, Italy


Ostuni is a charming city located in the Apulia region of Italy. Perhaps more fondly known as la città bianca, Ostuni is characterized by its white-washed buildings. It's an old, but super cute town that I loved exploring the streets of. I was so excited to visit as I hadn't traveled to this region of Italy before. Added bonus that I got to see it from a local - lucky me having an Italian boyfriend.

My boyfriend would tell me stories of his adventures there with friends. My heart was full imagining children running around and treating this fortress like their playground. Europe has this history that the US does not, which to an American is so fascinating. As we were walking around the city, there were kids with their fireworks getting prepared for New Year's Eve. Oh how magical it was to be there during this period - my favorite time of year, hands down. The Christmas trees and lights were still up too.

The only thing about visiting Ostuni this time of year is it gets very, very cold and windy. It's something that this southern California girl is not used to, so I really underestimated my winter attire. But we got refuge from the elements with date night at Osteria del Tempo Perso - A MUST if you're visiting the region. The restaurant sits inside a cave and the food was honestly incredible. And apparently it's a celebrity hot spot. Puglia is up and coming - and I love it. But I'd very much like for it to stay a local hotspot before tourists begin to claim it as their own.

We were in Puglia to visit Mario's family over the holidays. The week between Christmas and New Year is already a weird time, but throw in a COVID diagnosis + 10 day quarantine and it gets even weirder. But it was a really special trip regardless and I fell more in love with my boyfriend and his home country.

Can't wait to be back in the summertime!


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