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Home for Christmas


I have always dreamed of finding a person that felt like home. I'm serious! I even have a list in my Notes app of characteristics I was looking for in a partner, and "feels like home" is at the top. So you can only imagine my surprise when Mario came into my life and was able to check that off + more.

Now I'm not saying that you have to have a list like me or that your person isn't your person if they don't check everything on it. It isn't realistic to think that way, nor is it fair to the other person to place such expectation right off the bat. However, I do think that if you can identify a handful traits that hold the most value to you and keep those in the forefront of your mind, you will do yourself a great service in the long run.

This Christmas was our very first Christmas a married couple. Early on, we decided that we wanted to celebrate it just the two of us in our little home in London. We both are pretty family-oriented people, so to spend it away from our families was different. But we both agree that we are each other's family now, and we are incredibly excited to see where the future takes us in that accord.

As far as Christmas traditions go, I think we will definitely maintain the big Christmas Eve dinner, playing games/watching movies, and staying up until midnight to open presents - like our families do. Then I love the idea of a slow Christmas morning with fresh-baked pastries, followed by a nice walk outside to see decorations. This year, we took advantage of the fact that we live so close to Westminster and paid a quick visit to our friend Ben.

We're not sure where "home" physically will be in the years to come, but we are each other's home and that is the greatest blessing.


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