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Hiking in the Chilterns

A cottage in the countryside

Flowers in the countryside

A man on a hiking trip

A meadow in the countryside

A plate of food and a glass of beer

A countryside home

A cottage in the countryside

Two horses in the meadow

A horse behind some trees

A horse behind some trees

A meadow

A group of cattle in the field

A meadow with water

A group of cows

A smiling dog

A dog under the table

One of the best ways to spend a sunny bank holiday weekend (if you're a nature lover and/or enjoys being active) is with a hike in the Chilterns! I have yet to still visit more of the English countryside, but if it's just like the Chiltern Hills, I'm already a huge fan.

From Marylebone Station, we took a Chiltern Railways train to Chesham - which was about 30 minutes. From there, we embarked on our hike - which Mario and I can definitely say we knew very little about. But there's something about being in nature and under the sun! And for someone like myself who enjoys a hike, I was super excited to be exploring somewhere new. Thankfully we had a guide who led us the entire day with his printed directions - please note that there's little to no service in the great outdoors.

I fell in love with all the cottages, sprawling meadows, and the cute cows!! We also had three dogs with us, and it brought so much joy seeing them running around in the grass. I was imagining our Frenchies doing the same, and was immediately humbled knowing they'd be tired by the first 3 miles. We had a lovely Sunday roast under a teepee at a pub called The Cock Inn, which fueled the rest of our journey.

Thirteen miles and 20k+ steps later, our bodies were eager for our well-deserved reward - a relaxing evening at home.


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