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Disneyland on Film Pt.2


December 2022, Disneyland

M's first trip to Disneyland!

We really hit the ground running once Mario joined me in California after a couple weeks apart. Just two days after he landed in the US, we were already on our way to the Happiest Place on Earth.

It was his very first Disney experience, which made the two days even more special. Disneyland is literally my childhood, and I felt so excited to be able to share these memories with him and my sister - who has always been my Disneyland partner-in-crime. We had our annual passes so many years ago, but still have our park strategy down. Let's just say if you need any tips, holla at your girl.

So what did Mario think of the entire experience? He was like a kid in a candy store, just soaking it all in. But I also know it was a lot to take in, especially since we went during the holidays. Luckily the crowds were manageable (but still going to credit mine and Janelle's planning). He also had a HUGE surprise for me up his sleeve just a few days later... Special blogpost to come soon. Bless Mario's sweet, jet-lagged + anxious self for being such a trooper!

Until next time, Disneyland!


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