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Beyond Van Gogh


As a limited time exhibit, Beyond Van Gogh: The Immersive Experience made its way to San Diego. I had seen so many ads and Instagram posts from other cities, so of course I wanted to check it out for myself.

The exhibit features over 300 of Van Gogh's masterpieces. And what made this exhibit so unique was it brought his art to life "by appearing and disappearing, flowing across multiple surfaces, and heightening the senses with their immense detail." The light show made the entire experience so special and visitors would literally sit in awe while the room told the story of a tortured artist.

My favorite paintings of Van Gogh are undoubtedly his most famous ones, but seeing so many more of his pieces was inspiring. I can only imagine what he'd be thinking if he knew "The Starry Night" and "Sunflowers" would essentially become world-renown and an immersive light show.


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