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My First Tattoo


In the spirit of Valentine's Day and love, I felt like writing something more personal for the blog.

I don't think I've ever really explained the meaning and story behind my rose tattoo. Not that anyone needs to know why I got a rose or if anyone even cares. But I always love hearing the meaning behind tattoos. Granted, there are those who can be more spontaneous and get a tattoo of anything. However, I am the opposite there. In fact, it took me about just under a year to be fully confident in my decision to get this one. And I'm glad I did because I'm still very much in love with it. Which I know some people can't say themselves.

I got this tattoo done in April 2019 on a visit to NYC with my mom and sister. I actually even gifted my sister a tattoo for her birthday as she was turning 22 on that trip. The tattoo artist is OK and he actually specializes in fine-line tattooing. I came across his work through one of my favorite YouTubers, Tess Christine. Not-so funnily enough, she has the exact rose tattoo in the same spot (or I guess it's me who has the exact rose tattoo in the same spot). I ~might~ have been inspired there. To be fair, she is my real-life inspiration.

But anyways, my sister and I have our appointment one rainy afternoon in New York. We walk into the tattoo shop and I am oddly not nervous. As the older sister, I get in the chair first. It takes OK no longer than 10 minutes to finish my tattoo. I'm not even kidding, 5 minutes in and I was already thinking about what I'd want my second tattoo to be. I did not find the process to be painful at all. And voila, Janelle and I leave NYC with our first tattoos!

Back to the point, the meaning behind the rose. Roses are my favorite flower, but they are also my Amma's favorite flower. I specifically remember speaking to her on the phone in the candy aisle of Target in Hawaii. I think I had already decided that I wanted the rose tattoo after seeing it. But I wanted to justify it by having a reason behind it. So I asked her, "Amma, what is your favorite flower?" And she responded, "It's a rose. Your Ampa even planted those rose bushes at our old house because I loved them that much."

If that's not the sweetest and most romantic thing, then I don't know what is. So, this rose tattoo was done in dedication to my grandparents' love. And it is my absolute favorite thing to share with others.

Happy Love day to you and yours!

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